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Business Funding Made Easy

The Boost Capital Small Business Loan Programme

Until now, UK SMEs like yours had to rely on the banks and their strict lending criteria to acquire business funding to grow. Without pristine credit history and mountains of paperwork, your chances of securing a business loan were minimal at best. But all that has changed, thanks to the simplicity of the Boost Capital Small Business Loan Programme! When you need business funding, you and business owners like you now have an easier way of accessing working capital. At Boost Capital, we offer a great alternative to traditional business loans. We work with you to find the best way to provide access to the funding you need.

How Our Business Funding Works

Securing funding for your business has never been easier thanks to Boost Capital’s Small Business Loan Programme.

  • Simple application process: Call us or complete a short form and your application is submitted for review.
  • Quick turn-around and personable service: Once your application is complete, one of our friendly Funding Advisors will contact you with a decision in principle, often within 24 hours.
  • Fast access to capital: Upon approval, you can have working capital in hand in as few as 2 working days.

It’s that easy! But the flexibility of our business funding doesn’t end there. Unlike business loans from the bank, Boost Capital does not limit how you use the financing you receive. You are free to use the capital for any business expense. After all, who knows what your business needs better than you do?

Why UK SMEs Choose Boost Capital

We are dedicated to helping you grow your business on your terms. Our small business loans are designed with your business in mind and are customisable to work with your unique business model. Business loans from Boost Capital differ significantly from loans from banks and traditional lenders, making our funding solutions a popular option for SMEs throughout the UK.

Conventional Bank Loans Our Small Business Loans
Eligibility crossBased on credit history

crossHigh credit score to qualify

tickBased on overall health of your business

tickFlexibility in credit scores

Time in Business cross2 to 3 years tickOnly 2 years
Application Process crossDetailed financial statements & tax returns

crossExtensive business plans

tickEasy online application

tickMinimal paperwork

Use of Funds crossRestrictions on what funds can be used for tickFlexibility to use funds for any business expense
Access to Capital crossMay take months tickAs few as 2 working days
Repayment crossFixed monthly payments tickRepayment customized for your cash flow model

Grow Your Business with a Funding Solution from Boost Capital

SMEs across the UK are taking back control of their business’s growth with the help of Boost Capital. And you can, too! Regardless of your industry, a small business loan from Boost Capital is an easy, hassle-free way to access capital for any business expense. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for a small business loan from Boost Capital today!

Looking for a boost in capital for your business? Apply now for a business funding solution!