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Boost Capital Press Room

Boost Capital Press Room

Boost Capital is a leading source of business financing solutions in the UK, offering small businesses the working capital they need to grow. Our press room provides access to press releases, media relations contacts and media coverage from local and national outlets, including: Logos

2015 Media Coverage

Broker networking: The partnerships that pay

October 2015 – Bridging & Commercial
Brokers and funders must build and cultivate our relationships with each other to be able to present a united front to business owners, get our message out that money is available and give SME bosses the information and support to succeed.

Use of technology vital to boosting restaurant business

September 2015 – EatOut Magazine
A new study by Boost Capital, a lender to UK SMEs, has revealed that 55% of UK adults think it is important to be able to use technology to browse a menu online, read reviews or find the location of a restaurant.

Due diligence is key when investing in a franchise

September 2015 – Elite Franchise
Franchising is an attractive route for people looking to start their own business but it pays to get the whole picture before parting with your money.

Referrals for bank-jilted small firms still conspicuously absent

August 2015 – The Telegraph
Alternative funding providers are calling on the Government’s British Business Bank, which will spearhead the bank referrals scheme, to accelerate the roll-out to prevent a contraction in the small-to-medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector.

Will a rise in bank lending fuel small business growth?

June 2015 – The Telegraph
Norman Carson, director of business development at alternative lender Boost Capital, says that PNBs are often keen to receive funding but believe they will be rejected by banks and are unaware of alternative options.

Our part in the loan referral scheme

April 2015 – Commercial Reporter
Norman Carson, director of business development at Boost Capital, said: “Much of our industry feels frustrated at the time the bank referral scheme is taking to materialise.

“If SMEs do not get referred until after a long decision process, I fear it will destroy the referral programme before it gets started. This positive attempt to link capital-hungry enterprises with lenders that want to do business with them will be certain to fail.”

Alternative finance leaders fear banks will derail referral scheme

March 2015 – Talk Business
The bank referral scheme announced in August 2014 by the British Government still has no delivery date and faces scepticism from leaders in the alternative finance industry, according to Boost Capital.

How starting a business in tough times made it a stronger prospect

March 2015 – GrowthBusiness.co.uk
Emeka had heard about Boost Capital from a friend, and got in touch to borrow £20,000 over the short-term just to cover the extra costs of relocation and, in particular, refurbishment of the new space.

Lenders fear banks will derail referral scheme to help small firms

March 2015 – This is Money
Businesses seeking loans should be offered alternative providers to banks as soon as possible, or else a Government-backed initiative to kick-start lending will fail.

The nine key measures in the UK’s first Small Business Act

March 2015 – BusinessZone.co.uk
It requires banks to pass on details of small and medium-sized businesses they decline for a loan, with the firm’s permission, to online platforms which can help match them with alternative finance providers. Ten major banks are obliged to take part.

Helping hands in a new financial world?

January 2015 – Scottish Grocer
Sources of finance for small and medium-sized businesses are widening. A major accountant and an online portal have announced new developments they say will help SMEs grow and make the best of a rapidly diversifying market for cash.

2014 Media Coverage

Restaurant finance: Getting money for expansion

November 2014 – Big Hospitality
You’ve made it! You raised start-up funding and opened a successful business that is generating profits. Now it’s time to think about expansion – and this time there are plenty of options offered to you.

Online asset finance portal eyes £2bn SME funding target

November 2014 – Leasing Life
Online asset finance portal alternativebusinessfunding.co.uk (ABF) is targeting £2bn (€2.52bn) in SME finance after online asset finance providers TradeRiver Finance and Boost Capital joined the 11 providers already available through the platform.

Bank referral legislation accelerates expansion plans for Alternative Funding portal

November 2014 – CCR Magazine
With a legislative timetable in place to force UK banks to refer small businesses to alternative funders, alternativebusinessfunding.co.uk (ABF) has announced its plans to accelerate growth – with TradeRiver Finance and Boost Capital, joining today (23rd November 2014)

SME lending plunges by £2.6bn

August 2014 – Bridging and Commercial
Marc Glazer, CEO of Boost Capital, stressed: “The real contribution and value to the nation’s economy from SMEs should never be understated…If funding for these businesses continues to be constrained, their growth and ultimate contribution to Britain’s bottom line may fall far below its potential.”

Credit roadblock sends SMEs into the slow lane

July 2014 – The Times
Sectors dominated by small businesses are being stunted by the struggle to access finance. Boost Capital, the small business lender which compiled the research, warned that companies in these industries were still not being “given the financial footpaths to grow” despite brighter economic prospects.

Retail SME growth stunted by lack of funding, claims alternative lender, Boost Capital

July 2014 – Retail Times
According to new research from Boost Capital, in key sectors such as retail trade, construction and hospitality, the relative contribution to overall GDP of those sectors has seen stronger decline than in other sectors between the pre-recession year 2007 and 2013. At the same time, lending to SMEs in the UK has contracted by £2.6bn (£41.8bn in 2008 to £39.2bn in 2012) or 6%.

Banks too inflexible for small businesses: Boost Capital

June 2014 – FT Adviser
According to Norman Carson, the director of business development at Boost Capital, banks can no longer be relied on to finance UK small and medium-sized enterprises as they “do not lend” and are too “slow and ponderous.”

Business Owner Optimism

June 2014 – The Sun
New research from Boost Capital looks at the SME outlook when it comes to business growth. Northern business owners are more optimisitc than their southern counterparts on their ability to grow in the coming year despite finding funding harder to come by.

Boost Capital: Where it all began

May 2014 – Alt Finance News
We established Boost Capital in the summer of 2012 to help provide UK businesses with the working capital they need to take advantage of growth opportunities. Our goal is to provide reliable capital solutions that not only deliver funding in as few as two business days, but also ensures the business has an affordable repayment plan that is sensitive to their individual business fluctuations.

Budget 2014: Banks could be forced to direct rejected loan applicants to alternative lenders

March 2014 – BusinessZone
Under possible legislation, banks may be legally obliged to help match small firms that are turned down for loans with alternative lenders. This is in an effort to increase sources of finance for small businesses, amid continuing suggestions that banks are failing to support them.

Business ventures always require a cash injection and for the pub industry there are many boosters now available

March 2014 – Pub & Bar
The current economic climate has resulted in much tightening of belts and less lending from the banks. According to Marc Glazer, CEO of Boost Capital, “Raising money for your business can seem a daunting process. However, by asking yourself a few simple question, you can quickly clarify what type of financing is right for you and your business.”

2013 Media Coverage

On The Move

December 2013 – Credit Today
Norman Carson has been appointed as director of business development at Boost Capital. In his new role, Carson is responsible for advancing Boost Capital’s reach in the UK small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) space and will focus primarily on building awareness with third-party intermediaries.

Autumn Statement: Industry responses to pub-friendly measures

December 2013 – The Publican’s Morning Advertiser
The pub industry has responded to Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, in which he has promised to ease the burden of business rates and extend small business rate relief.

Watch out Wonga! Will Boost Capital win the SME alternative finance battle?

September 2013 – London Loves Business
Marc Glazer aims with his new UK venture, Boost Capital, to recreate the successes of his US-based loans company, Business Financial Services by lending money to SMEs for up to a year.

Exclusive: The man behind the unsecured “madness” saving SMEs

September 2013 – Bridging and Commercial Finance News
Boost Capital, which launched into the UK market just six months ago, is aiming to tackle the SME funding gap via an $82 million (£54.35 million) fund from US investment giant, Wells Fargo Capital Finance, part of Wells Fargo & Company.

U.K. Small Business Attracting Alternative Lenders

August 2013 – Bloomberg TV
Marc Glazer, CEO at Business Financial Services and Jeremy Sanders, co-founder at Coco Di Mama, discuss the small business environment in the U.K. as second-quarter GDP grew more than expected and examine the state of business lending in the country.

Finding finance in hospitality: New alternatives

July 2013 – Big Hospitality
What alternative forms of finance are there for smaller, independent hotels, restaurants and pubs? Perhaps this question in itself highlights one of the biggest issues when it comes to alternative forms of finance: there remains a serious lack of understanding of what is actually available.

Small business given boost in pursuit for quick access to loans

May 2013 – The Daily Express
Small firms that are struggling to get a loan or that need access to capital quickly now have a new lender to consider. Boost Capital entered the UK market to help the great many SMEs with solid finances who are finding it difficult to fulfill their plans for growth.

Boost Capital provides business loans to growing firms

May 2013 – Mail Online
As demand for alternative sources of funding continues to grow, Boost Capital expects to lend £25 million to SMEs this year alone with a £50 million fund backed by US funding giant, Wells Fargo. This new fund is aimed at providing short-term unsecured loans to small firms with high growth potential.

Money Talks: Raising funds for improvements

January 2013 – Bar Magazine
An accessible and flexible approach to funding is key to growth for small businesses such as bars. “If capital isn’t readily available, then a business can miss out on growth or cost-saving opportunities when they present themselves.”

2012 Media Coverage

On the Shop Floor

December 2012 – Crafting Business
Buying in bulk allows you to get more value from your purchases but requires a healthy cash flow. Knowing your customers and their demand for your products will allow you to make confident bulk purchases to secure better supplier discounts.

Hospitality funding: Specialist lenders

August 2012 – Big Hospitality
We provide businesses with a lump sum of cash they pay back via transfer of a fixed daily percentage of credit card and debit card sales…. The business owner can use the funding for whatever they wish, including new stock, refurbishments, expansion and marketing. There is no fixed term, no APR and no late fees or penalties.

Van hire business look for growth

August 2012 – Bdaily Business Network
After securing finance from Boost Capital, the Langley Moor-based firm plans to expand their services and pursue new market opportunities. Boost Capital has enabled the business to leverage their historic and future credit sales to access unsecured funding needed for the expansion.

Explore alternative funding for investing in your pub

June 2012 – The Publican’s Morning Advertiser
The business cash advance industry has become one of the leading alternative funding sources, servicing a range business types of all sizes. Its success can be attributed to its ability to support business growth, and investment out of daily cash flow, enabling business owners to respond rapidly to market opportunities.

Will Britain run out of beer this summer?

June 2012 – AOL
Since we launched in early May we have received a flood of enquiries from pubs concerned about funding to secure stock in anticipation of a busy summer that is packed with sporting and cultural events.