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Spa Business Loans

Grow Your Business with Our Spa Financing Solution

Financing a small service business can be difficult and finding spa financing solutions is no exception. Whilst traditional small business loans from the bank are still available, increased lending restrictions have made them more difficult to acquire. Boost Capital offers spa business loans comparable in scope to those offered by traditional lending institutions, but differing in ways that make them ideal funding options for spa owners across the UK.

Unlike loans from the bank, small business loans from Boost Capital do not require you to have perfect credit or extensive business histories. You can receive funding in as few as two days, with approvals often within 24 hours. There are no spending guidelines or limitations associated with a spa business loan. You are free to use the capital for any business expense.

Spa business loans from Boost Capital can be used for:

  • Redecorating
  • Training staff
  • Purchasing tanning beds
  • Upgrading massage beds
  • Advertising

Small Business Loans for Spas in the UK

Whilst there are many alternative forms of business loans available for spas in the UK, few can provide funding quickly. Boost Capital is known for fast funding, so with minimal paperwork and a brief financial history, you could be well on your way to having capital in hand in two business days.

Boost Capital is home to some of the best business financing solutions for spas in the UK. Call us at 0800 138 9080 and get working capital for your spa.

Could your spa use a boost in capital? Apply today for spa business loan and grow your business!