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Franchise Business Loans

Grow Your Franchise with a Franchise Business Loan

Starting your own franchise business can be one of the most critical decisions any entrepreneur can make. In the beginning, financing a franchise business can be complex to set up as there is usually a sizable investment involved, leaving the owner potentially strapped for cash. Although some franchisors will offer critical support, such as site selection, training and even initial financing options, there will still be additional expenses a franchisee will need to consider once they are up and running. This can include advertising, stocking inventory and even keeping a steady cash flow necessary for day-to-day expenses.

When it comes to financing a franchise, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How much working capital do you have or need?
  • What standard franchise financing options exist?
  • What alternative small business loan options exist?

Once you get your franchise business up and running, it is important to know your options when it comes to franchise business loans.

Business Loans for UK Franchises

Accessing capital through conventional business loans from banks can be difficult and time consuming. If your franchise business is in its early stages, you may not have the necessary business history to prove the viability of your business to a traditional lender. And, even if your bank loan application is approved, you may not have access to the capital you need fast enough. Some businesses are simply unable to get the financing they need from the banks.

Boost Capital offers franchising funding solutions in the form of small business loans, and the process is fast and efficient. Our high rate of approvals and quick turnaround makes our franchise business loans extremely attractive to many franchisees.

  • Have access to capital in as few as two business days
  • Enjoy friendly, personalised service
  • Free to use capital for any business expense

Acquiring business funding for your franchise has never been easier. Boost Capital is leading the charge and ready to help your franchise business grow.

Give your franchise the boost in capital it deserves. Click here to apply for a franchise business loan!