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Garage Business Loans

Business Loans for Independent Garages

Throughout the year, independent garage businesses and MOT service centres may face cash flow challenges due to unexpected expenses or opportunities for growth. To meet those needs, many independent garage business owners look to traditional lenders for financing; however, with tightened regulations forcing banks to call for stricter financial management and years of experience, it is harder than ever to get approval for a garage business loan. Business owners are now seeking other forms of business financing to meet their needs.

A MOT service centre that has been unable to secure financing through more traditional means can still qualify for financial assistance. Small business loans from Boost Capital are a great option for MOT service centres looking for funding. Unlike loans from the bank, capital is provided in as little as two business days and can be used for any business expense.

Whilst there are no restrictions for use, garage business loans are typically used for:

  • Stocking spare parts
  • Equipment servicing, updates or leasing
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Maintenance of diagnostic equipment
  • Renovations, repairs or expansion

Get Funding for Your Garage & MOT Service Centre

If you need working capital to run your garage business but have been unable to secure financing, we are here to help. Boost Capital specializes in providing business financing solutions to garage businesses with little hassle. A small business loan from Boost Capital is tailored to your business model. A business plan is not required for approval; you simply apply with your recent business history and receive an approval decision in 24 hours.

Best of all, your repayments are dictated by your business’s cash flow. We provide affordable financing solutions to meet your business needs. With the quickest application and approval process available to SMEs in the UK, you can get the funds you need from Boost Capital in as few as two business days.

Looking to give your garage a boost in capital? Apply today for a garage business loan!