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Restaurant Loans

Restaurant Financing with a Restaurant Business Loan

To remain successful in the highly competitive restaurant industry, a restaurant owner is required to have management skills, creativity and also be savvy when it comes to finances. The restaurant sector, a subset of the hospitality industry, is considered high risk to many traditional lenders who offer financing. As a result, they will most likely want to see a solid business plan and years of financial history to determine if they are a good risk. Some restaurant business loans from traditional lenders will require that a restaurant be successful before they are even willing to provide the restaurant financing.

Since traditional business loans are not easy to come by, having a reliable source for restaurant financing is crucial to surviving in the market. Boost Capital offers small business loans, a unique alternative to traditional business loans.

A business loan from Boost Capital can be used for:

  • New equipment purchases
  • Restaurant renovations and expansions
  • On-licence renewal fees
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Seasonal volume increases/decreases


Business Loan Options for Your Restaurant

If you are a restaurant owner and have been denied a bank loan, a restaurant business loan from Boost Capital may be the solution for you. With a few easy steps, you could receive financing for your restaurant in less than a week.

The application process is easy. Simply apply online, complete a few forms and submit a brief financial history. Your application can be approved in as little as 24 hours, with funding in as few as 2 business days. To put that into perspective, you could have capital in your hand before a bank even processes your application.

Each small business loan is tailored to fit the restaurant’s unique business model, ensuring the safety and protection of your daily cash flow. With a business funding solution from Boost Capital, you are free to use the capital however you choose. There are no spending guidelines or limitations. And repayment is customized to fit your restaurant’s cash flow model, ensuring that you are always left with enough money in your account for day-to-day operations.

Need working capital for your restaurant? Apply for a restaurant business loan and get funding in 2 days!