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Regardless of the industry, at some point during operation, an SME will need working capital. Whether your business need is big or small, our goal at Boost Capital is to help you achieve future success. Our small business loan is ideal for any business expense, whether you need a large sum of funds to take advantage of a time-sensitive growth opportunity or if you simply need an influx of capital to tide you over during a slow season.

Banks in the UK aren’t always willing to lend to SMEs, especially if they are in industries that they consider “risky.” Some types of businesses simply have more difficulty qualifying for traditional loans than others.

Working Capital for All Business Types

In a time when businesses seeking working capital are encountering many obstacles, the Boost Capital Small Business Loan Programme is a welcome breath of fresh air. From equipment manufacturers and retail wholesalers to pubs and high street establishments and retailers, a small business loan from Boost Capital can be the ideal funding option for a wide range of business types.

We’ve helped SMEs throughout the UK in a wide variety of businesses and sectors secure the working capital they need to succeed, including, but not limited to, the following:

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Given the easy application process and the quick access to funding, business owners of all types are turning to Boost Capital to fill the lending gap left by traditional lenders. Whether you have less than perfect credit or you don’t have enough work history to be approved for a loan from the bank, there are other options for obtaining capital.

Businesses across the UK are growing and thriving thanks to the Boost Capital Small Business Loan Programme, and your business can, too. Simply call us or complete the online application form to the right to get started.

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